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Can a shisha pipe be used as a bong?

I won’t mess my treasured readers around with this one, the answer is yes! Literally all you need is a match or extended lighter. Using a shisha pipe for weed is not as effective as a bong, not even close, but it does work. I really recommend that you head out and get yourself a bong, but when needs must, you can use that shisha pipe. They both works the same way, the only difference is that they position the bowl differently. Because shisha is easy to burn and stays lit with hot coals, there is no need to constantly access the bowl. So it is placed up at the top, elevated above the water chamber. Whilst the popular bong keeps the herb bowl at the bottom and does not use charcoals. Let’s do this thing. Get your shisha pipe out and prepare yourself. clean the bowl because herb smoke…


The Cheapest Online Hookah & Shisha Shops

To find the cheapest hookah shop online visit the previous link and click the banner located at the top of the page. You need not look any further as we have browsed every online shisha store and compared price and quality to bring you the best shop available in your area. Even if you are an international hookah smoker there is no need to break down into panic as they ship worldwide with tracked shipping methods. ┬áSome customers may wonder why some hookah pipe shops are cheaper than others and why some shops that are normally cheaper can be more expensive for certain brand names. With our shisha shop being located in the UK we have access to some of the best branded pipes in the world and can get them shipped over to us for a small fee, where as shops in the USA have to pay much more…


What is the best hookah pipe

In my opinion one the best hookah water pipe would be one that is blown from glass with a thickness of 7 mm. This combination provides the smoothest smoke a long with a reassuring heavy feel making knocking the hookah over less likely. While brass and copper pipes are sold frequently at cheap prices, they will never give the same hit as a glass version. Another thing to look out for is famous brand names as they are much more likely to be of high quality that include several hoses and spare rubber seals that will not wear away after heavy use.

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The difference between hookahs and glass bongs

While both of these water pipes make use of standard tap water, there are actually some big differences between the two. What confuses many smokers is that they both come under the category ‘water pipe’ yet they are used to smoke different substances. Now percolator bongs on the other hand are a whole new game, see these for sale over at, they really are the bees knees in smoking paraphernalia! In case you are still unsure I will go in to some details about these glass smoking pipes. The hookah is used only to smoke shisha, a flavored substance that can often include tobacco. While glass bongs are used to smoke ground down herbs and never tobacco. Apart from what these glass bongs are used for the rest is the same. They both have a bowl which sends the smoke down a tube that then submerges in to water,…


Cheapest Shisha Shop Online

We bring you both modern, unique and one off designs off hookah and shisha pipes all available to buy online from reputable stores that sell only high quality branded products. Our designs vary from tall and large water pipes over 700 mm in height to smaller designs that come with a carry case. High end thick glass water chambers are used as standard with all the products for sale. You will find every kind of shisha accessories you could ever need such as molasses without tobacco, spare hookah hoses and spare parts all with the convenience of next day delivery to mainland England, dispatched from our UK based hookah shop. Also known as a hubbly bubbly, our strong flavored shisha will be sure to satisfy your cravings. Why not kick back with a quality cheap shisha water pipe, watch your favorite film and taste some of the best flavors out…