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The difference between hookahs and glass bongs

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While both of these water pipes make use of standard tap water, there are actually some big differences between the two. What confuses many smokers is that they both come under the category ‘water pipe’ yet they are used to smoke different substances. Now percolator bongs on the other hand are a whole new game, see these for sale over at, they really are the bees knees in smoking paraphernalia! In case you are still unsure I will go in to some details about these glass smoking pipes. The hookah is used only to smoke shisha, a flavored substance that can often include tobacco. While glass bongs are used to smoke ground down herbs and never tobacco. Apart from what these glass bongs are used for the rest is the same. They both have a bowl which sends the smoke down a tube that then submerges in to water, you will find that hookahs use a hose while the glass bong just has an open tube that the user sucks the smoke out of, also known as a ‘bong hit’. Bongs do come in more materials than a hookah pipe but they are both just as popular as each other.


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