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Can a shisha pipe be used as a bong?

shisha and bongs

I won’t mess my treasured readers around with this one, the answer is yes! Literally all you need is a match or extended lighter. Using a shisha pipe for weed is not as effective as a bong, not even close, but it does work.

I really recommend that you head out and get yourself a bong, but when needs must, you can use that shisha pipe. They both works the same way, the only difference is that they position the bowl differently. Because shisha is easy to burn and stays lit with hot coals, there is no need to constantly access the bowl. So it is placed up at the top, elevated above the water chamber. Whilst the popular bong keeps the herb bowl at the bottom and does not use charcoals.

Let’s do this thing. Get your shisha pipe out and prepare yourself. clean the bowl because herb smoke is nowhere near as dense or thick as shisha. You will taste it over the herb right away. Place your weed in the bowl and place the hose in your mouth. You will have to take a long draw to bring the smoke all that way, maybe it will take a few inhales before it reaches you. Remember to add a flame to the herb, or nothing will happen! This is where you need your match or longer lighter. Because of the angle of the shisha bowl it is awkward to hold a flame there, don’t burn your hands or hold me responsible if you do.

So you see, it can be done. But you should consider getting yourself a real, fit for purpose pipe. is perfect for those who wish to buy bongs online with the convenience of quick shipping and competitive prices, see their range of percolator bongs for something really crazy –

Although shisha pipes can be used for weed, it would be much more convenient to buy something that is built for purpose, such as the bongs below. You can see straight away that for smoking a herb you would be much better off with a smaller, easier to handle product. Denverpost

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